Tawd Ford restoration project

River Tawd


This is the ford over the River Tawd in Lathom Park, the scene of a tragic accident in November 1897 when Lady Alice, Countess of Lathom was killed when her carriage overturned on the way back to Lathom House from Dalton. A rein was said to have snagged on a pony’s tail causing it to spook. All 4 occupants were thrown from the carriage , but Lady Alice was pinned under it and died from a combination of her injuries and being immersed In the water. The ford, now unused and looking a little worse for wear, needs some TLC. I’m sure everyone who cares about the history of Lathom would love to see this important part of the areas heritage restored. This however, will require a group of able volunteers to install the stone sets back into the riverbed. 

Volunteers needed


Pictured at the ford is Andrew Beeston of Lathom Park Trust, who has already put in a considerable amount of time and effort in moving this project forward. If anyone is willing and able to help to see this project to completion then please contact us for more details.

Lady Alice


Lady Alice Gower Bootle-Wilbraham, Countess of Lathom, Baroness Skelmersdale. 1841-1897.